Although we’re usually spread out all over the country meeting with clients, fostering media and analyst relationships, designing creative, filming video, or working remotely from randomly selected sites, our team genuinely enjoys the time we do get to spend together.  No matter where we are, our collaborative culture ensures that our ideas continue to flow. We have backgrounds in technology, music, art, fitness, communications, agriculture (seriously the list just keeps going, but anyhow back to our story…) So yeah, all those things are coupled with personal interests in a zillion other pursuits, thus the diversity of our experiences and capabilities contributes greatly to the professionalism, creativity and depth we are able to offer our clients.

tony welz principal w2 communications

Tony Welz

Principal and Co-Founder

evan weisel cofounder w2 communications

Evan Weisel

Principal and Co-Founder

stephen mackey chief creative officer

Stephen Mackey

Chief Creative Officer

Jayna Kliner, W2 Communications

Jayna Kliner

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Resau, W2 Communications

Tom Resau

Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice

Joyson Cherian, W2 Communications

Joyson Cherian

Senior Vice President

Dennis McCafferty, W2 Communications

Dennis McCafferty

Vice President of Content

Courtly Stevens, W2 Communications

Courtly Stevens

Vice President

Christy Pittman, W2 Communications

Christy Pittman

Vice President

Christine Blake, W2 Communications

Christine Blake

Vice President

Susan Helmick, W2 Communications

Susan Helmick

Senior Account Director

Kathy Stershic, W2 Communications

Kathy Stershic

Senior Director, Content

Jessica Lindquist

Account Director

Chad Anderson Headshot

Chad Anderson

Senior Director, Web Development

W2 Communications Bruce the Bull

Bruce the Bull


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