Lead Nurturing and Engagement

The sales funnel – it’s the lifeblood of every business.

Even with more and smarter lead-generation and CRM tools than ever before, lead generation campaigns still fall short as teams struggle to optimize their marketing efforts and maximize their investments, whether it’s due to acquiring unqualified lists; tight sales bandwidth for follow-up outreach or marketing teams stretched thin.

So how do you turn a soft lead into a hot prospect? How do you engage and nurture a relationship without smothering, boring or looking like the wrong fit?

Practically speaking, lead nurturing is as much an art as a science. To master both, smart companies combine data analytics with creative, engaging content to directly address a prospect’s needs and interests.

Advanced Workflow - Lead Nurturing


W2 Communications’ Lead Nurturing Services are designed to bridge the gap between marketing and sales to maximize your lead generation initiatives. We blend state-of-the-art analytics with an expert human element―analyzing and adjusting campaigns in real time to provide the targeted information and content that encourages prospects through the sales funnel.

We manage the full lead validation process and warming activities, from concept and content development to qualification and engagement. With real-time visibility into campaign performance, you can immediately validate your positioning, refine persona and audience mapping, effectively shape your messaging and learn from comparative campaign metrics.

Most importantly, we quickly arm your sales team with qualified leads of people actively looking for a solution like yours.



A data-driven approach removes any guesswork on which leads are most important for you. By applying data analysis to program metrics, we can assess lead quality, determine which are most receptive to your offerings, and prioritize the prospects most likely to recognize the value you deliver.


Tiered Workflows

W2 Custom Lead Nurturing Workflow


Beyond drip feeds or blasts, our campaigns seek demonstrable engagement with people who are truly interested in your offering. Embedded triggers within each initiative identify prospect behavior and steer users to a specific online location or asset. Our visibility portal then allows real-time monitoring of digital outreach activity and interest – who’s viewing, downloading or asking for more information.

Data generated through this multi-touch outreach is processed through a proprietary algorithm which segments and scores prospects. The outcome is solid business intelligence that lets you accurately target sales and marketing efforts and accelerate the sales cycle. Not only do we review and advance prospects who have consumed particular campaign assets, but we analyze those who did not react and then re-target them with either updated Calls to Action or varying asset offerings.


Exhibiting at shows is expensive – yet when the lights go down and the booth gets packed up, it can be nearly impossible to tell the serious buyers from the tire kickers, especially when the analysis starts weeks later. It can take months or even years to convert a cold prospect into a paying customer.

We work with clients to take action as soon as the conference ends – generating immediate lead scoring, validation, qualification and warming. The moment you board your flight home, we begin scrubbing leads and separating the free -giveaway junkies from the real prospects.

Lead Nurturing and Engagement Services

Services Include:

  • Digital Campaign Creation, Implementation and Management
  • Lead Qualification and Validation
  • Persona Mapping and Messaging
  • Prospecting Content Development – landing pages and downloadable marketing assets
  • Keyword Integration
  • SEO Coordination
  • Comparative Campaign Metrics
  • Engagement Analysis and Scoring Matrix
  • Pivoting and Segmentation
  • Conference Lead Validation – rapid lead scoring and prioritization


We’ve spent over 16 years offering our clients the best and broadest set of strategic external communication services to support their marketing initiatives. Over that time, we consistently see that one of the biggest challenges customers face is developing authentic prospect relationships and interest once a lead is identified.

Enter the human element. We blend our deep expertise in audience engagement, rooted in impactful messaging, content, digital marketing and PR, with the latest digital analytics technology to help clients drive campaigns that win. It’s a natural progression that ensures truly integrated lead generation and communication strategy.

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