Five Minutes With … Molly Huie on Mobile Fed Tech

Huie: “There’s a disconnect between those who are paying for mobile advancements and who’s seeing the benefits of those advancements.”

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Mobility makes the federal worker more productive. Mobility helps government organizations save significantly on costs. Hence, greater mobility is something that public sector managers and their employees would like to incorporate at their agencies.

So what’s stopping them?

A recent Market Connections-commissioned survey conducted by AOL Government reveals answers. The resulting AOL Government Federal Mobile Technology study ultimately demonstrates that government technology purchase decision-makers will need to spend money to save money. If you’re an IT contractor in the federal market, you’re going to want to find out more from the reporter’s lead researcher, Molly Huie. Listen to our conversation about the potential for a boom in the federal mobile technology market – and what challenges must be addressed to make it happen.

About our guest: Molly Huie is a senior research analyst with Chantilly, Va.-based Market Connections. Previously, she worked for Scholastic Inc. as a data analyst in the at-home marketing department, where she oversaw predictive customer behavior modeling and project analysis.

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