Five Minutes With … Hilary Fordwich on How Federal IT Contractors Can Get an Edge

Fordwich: “You need to know what the government’s mission is. Right now, it’s all about efficiencies and cost savings.”

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We can expect to see a continued, dramatic slowdown in U.S. government IT spending. So how do tech contractors stay in the hunt for what’s left of the pie? By focusing on specific strengths and finetuning this into a valuable niche, according to Hilary Fordwich. There’s more demand than ever for efficiencies and savings, she says.

As host of the new WUSA Channel 9 program, Government Contracting Weekly, Fordwich offers these and other revealing insights exclusively for our Five Minutes With podcast program. Set to debut on Sept. 16, Government Contracting Weekly will air at 7 a.m. ET on Sundays locally in the Greater Washington DC region, before the CBS Sunday morning shows. Listen to our conversation in our podcast about federal IT contracting.

About our guest: Fordwich is host of Government Contracting Weekly. She also recently joined AOC Key Solutions Inc. as Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the KSI Business Development Institute, a think-tank and training platform for business development leaders. Previously, she served as global head of marketing for KPMG before moving on to other global companies such as Qorvis Communications. In 2002, she founded Strelmark, a consultancy for businesses seeking developmental services and client growth and retention.

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