Digital Marketing

Today’s successful communication strategies need to integrate earned, owned, and paid media with creative content and advanced digital capabilities. As the boundaries among PR, marketing and advertising evolve, we help you build a strong brand, elevate awareness, drive engagement and inspire action by connecting your message across all of the channels where your customers seek information. Our experience and capabilities in digital strategy ensures our clients will have a trusted partner to comb through the data, discover and develop key insights, provide clarity for cross-channel deployment, maintain proper functionality, and keep your initiatives visually stunning, highly engaging, and measurably effective.

FCi Federal

FCi Federal engaged the team at W2 Communications to analyze their current website traffic patterns to determine which audience segments showed the most activity. This analysis informed not only the new website wireframe development, but also ongoing recruiting initiatives as well.


The LookingGlass team looked to W2 as an external resource to manage its digital presence across key social media platforms and devise a social media plan to manage their online profiles and increase the company’s existing media presence.

Market Research

The intention of an effective brand strategy management plan is to define clear objectives and goals which can be put into place to achieve success. Brands that customers identify with and trust are more likely to achieve long term prosperity and recognition.

Social Media

With the countless social media platforms available, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and many more, brands have a wealth of resources available to utilize and massive amounts of people with which to engage. Having a well-managed, active social presence will increase your brand visibility and reach, benefiting your business in the long run by enhancing SEO ranking, improving brand loyalty, bettering customer satisfaction and encouraging engagement.


Increasing your company’s credibility and ensuring your business shows up on the first page of all of the major search engine requires strategically placed keywords. Our team at W2 Communications will analyze your target audience and user behavior to effectively drive traffic, increase visibility and optimize your messaging.

Digital Strategy

Elevating your business and brand to the forefront of your industry relies on keeping your marketing strategies up to date with society’s rapidly evolving digital focus. W2 Communications takes a data-driven approach to create, customize and manage your digital presence in order to determine KPIs and achieve your long term business marketing goals, while also deepening interactions with your customers. By aligning digital marketing goals with overall business goals you will broaden your reach, drive conversions and boost ROI.

Email Marketing

With strategic planning, email campaigns provide a strong foundation to your digital marketing goals. Not only by providing measurable results, but also by creating a more personal approach to encouraging a call to action, while expanding reach to an even broader audience. On top of high-quality, strategically placed content, our team at W2 Communications also ensures an aesthetically pleasing, mobile-friendly campaign.

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