WordPress User Roles

Understanding WordPress User Roles and Permissions

WordPress user roles lets you to manage your users and control how they interact with your site. This allows you to limit or grant as much access to your site and your site’s functionality as required for a given user. WordPress comes with five built-in user roles. In order from most access to least, the […]

WordPress Security

5 Easy Ways to Help Protect Your WordPress Site

It’s scary to think that your website could be targeted for attacks. Unfortunately, that’s the reality and it’s probably happening daily without you even knowing about it. WordPress is a huge platform and accounts for roughly 30% of all websites. This makes it an appealing target for hackers and automated scripts. However, there are several […]

Backup WordPress

Backing Up Your WordPress Site

Backups are critical for WordPress site owners.  Many businesses depend on a functioning website  Should your website go down unexpectedly, you need to have a plan in place to get your site back up as quickly as possible. While many hosting providers will backup your website for you, you shouldn’t rely solely on your host’s […]