Recession-Proof Your Cybersecurity Marketing

(Note to readers: This is the second in a series of blog posts focused on how technology and cybersecurity companies can better prepare for an anticipated economic downturn. Read the previous blog here.) At the moment, there is much talk about a potential economic recession. Whether or not it happens, or to what degree, now […]

Communicating COVID-19: How Messaging Can Help Influence End User Behavior

I recently traveled to the National Communication Association’s annual conference to present findings from research into how presenting COVID-19 vaccine information to people of different socioeconomic statuses and races using different message frames may impact their intention to vaccinate.  This research was part of my graduate school work at George Mason University, where I specialized […]

Research Can Ensure Your Message Resonates

Is your unique market value clear and relevant? Is your message being heard – and understood – to drive the results you and your stakeholders need? A compelling story is at the heart of customer engagement. Content that reflects key customer concerns in the context of broader industry narratives will educate your audience, establish credibility […]

Anatomy of a Good Research Project

Conducting original research is a high-value addition to any marketing program. Whether using it to inform your own message, guide decision-making or publish new insights that demonstrate your organization’s thought leadership, current research is always interesting to customers, leadership and the press. Before you delve in, there are a few critical components of a good […]

W2 Communications Research Finds More Americans Cyber Aware, but Still Room for Improvement

It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Since 2005, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has been promoting October as a dedicated month to reminding us all about the importance of sound cyber practices. At W2 Communications, we live and breathe cybersecurity every day in service to our many clients in this space. But we realize […]

Three Key Considerations for Your Next Research Project

Researching your target market is core to any successful B2B marketing and communications program. The only way to break through the pervasive noise is to focus your message on what prospects and customers care about. Nowadays, attention is the most precious commodity. In my years working in the IT sector, I have seen brilliant technologists […]

Research Informs the Right Communications Strategy

Stakeholder research is incredibly valuable to informing an effective communications plan, developing targeted messaging and creating narratives that speak to real industry concerns. I’ve often seen vendors who think they understand their target audiences’ sentiment based on gut intuition or select anecdotal evidence (like a particularly vocal salesperson representing one customer’s feedback as an entire […]