Wing Security

Brief Overview

The goal of the initial program was to launch Wing Security out of stealth mode, announce funding and build a brand focused on innovation and recognized globally. 


  • Wing Security provides a holistic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security platform that delivers full visibility into the state of organizations’ SaaS applications—including all SaaS applications being used by an organization, how the applications are being used and by which employees—and offers automatic remediation for any identified risks. 
  • This end-to-end approach to SaaS security equips security leaders with the tools they need to keep their SaaS environment clean, safe and secure, and empowers them to assess and mitigate risks of each application with efficiency


  • Wing Security wanted to secure an exclusive with a Tier-1 publication announcing its launch, as well as appear in other various security and technology publications on the day of the launch 
  • The executive team needed strategic communications guidance to launch the company (all aspects including press release, thought leadership, media training, media outreach), as well as tactical execution – they needed a team that could drive results working backwards from the launch date
  • They sought a cybersecurity PR firm that could serve multiple functions, and had experience launching a company out of stealth and driving continued momentum through content development, thought leadership and media relations


  • W2 Communications’ PR team developed a strategic media relations plan, worked with GGV Capital, interviewed key executives, drafted a press release and pitched the announcement as an exclusive
  • As the company launched, W2 Communications created a comprehensive content program to leverage the leadership team’s experience and credibility.


  • Secured exclusive interview with TechCrunch and coverage in, as well as an additional 18 articles highlighting the launch
  • Following the launch, we secured 4 articles in the next month, including a two-part content series in top-tier security trade, SC Media, with 2 articles appearing back to back – Part 1 and Part 2


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