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Brief Overview

A Washington DC-based full-service sports agency, highly regarded as the premiere agency in the WNBA, reached out to W2  to help clearly define SIG’s value proposition and create a presentation that worked well in multiple formats.

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  • Washington DC-based full-service sports agency focused on full career lifespan management solutions e.g. draft / contract / appearances / endorsements / post-career consulting
  • World’s largest women’s basketball management agency with global support services
  • Men’s basketball, football, coaching representation


  • Update women’s basketball company overview presentation with new layouts, content, and visual design
  • Ensure the presentation was flexible enough to be quickly resourced for new player engagements by allowing in-house team to make updates on the fly
  • Ensure the presentation worked well in multiple formats e.g. Powerpoint, PDF and printed brochures

We realized during several prospecting trips that our competitors were leaving much better collateral behind for the prospects, and that we needed to improve not only the quality of the messaging, but also the actual printed assets themselves.

The creative team at W2 Communications was able to quickly turn around amazing collateral during our busiest season of the year, in the weeks following March Madness, and gave us a new level of confidence in our recruiting efforts.


  • Our presentation design team rebuilt the SIG presentation storyboard from the ground up, incorporating storytelling techniques and creating a narrative arc to craft a better presentation flow to keep the audience more engaged
  • Once the storyboard and presentation wireframes were created, we then stripped out all non-essential text to streamline each slide
  • The visual design of the presentation was then reimagined to be both more contemporary but also more authentic, illustrating SIGs commitment to their players’ quality of life


  • SIG has received numerous compliments from players and their families indicating that both the professionalism of the presentation as well as the authenticity of the message portray SIG as a highly committed agency, concerned not only for their players’ income-generating opportunities but also their quality of life
  • The success of these collateral pieces has enabled the W2 team to expand into the other sports verticals provide additional support across the entire business
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