Brief Overview

RiskRecon needed to convert a spoken webinar presentation into a succinct, clear and cohesive white paper. W2 Communication applied subject matter expertise and skilled writing and editing to the raw, conversational transcript, crafting a paper that conveys highly technical concepts through compelling, easy-to-read prose and supporting graphics.

risk recon content development


  • High growth start-up in the new third-party cyber risk management market space
  • Hyper-paced business environment
  • Resource constrained; geographically distributed team
  • Highly complex subject matter


  • Needed to turn solo presenter webinar content into compelling, interesting and well-structured white papers
  • Transcribed source content was unstructured, difficult to follow; gaps in transcription required subject matter expertise to fill in
riskrecon case study icon
riskrecon case study icon


  • W2 Communications applied strong writing, editing and organizational skills, along with strong domain and customer knowledge, to craft two complementary white papers that crisply conveyed the story presented in each of the two webinars.
  • The papers were organized into logical sections with engaging subheads, call-outs, sidebars and graphics that helped readers easily follow the flow and salient points of an otherwise text-heavy document.
  • The client’s original intent was fully preserved for all sections, but the language was polished and energized to make a compelling read.


  • The client accepted both papers in their first drafts, with only very minor edits requested. This made for a quick turn around on high quality deliverables
  • In a short amount of time, the client had two useful, informational pieces of collateral with a multi-month shelf life derived from a one-time event
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