Brief Overview

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Communication Services Project (CSP) explores how the agency can transition its use of satellite communications (SATCOM) services away from NASA owned-and-operated to commercially provided SATCOM services.


  • W2 Communications is a subcontractor via prime contractor, ZIN Technologies
  • An independent agency of the U.S. federal government responsible for the civilian space program, as well as aeronautics and space research
  • Led by NASA’s Glenn Research Center, the CSP is intended to demonstrate the feasibility of commercially-provided SATCOM to support NASA’s near-Earth mission requirements


  • CSP leadership needs support for its messaging and outreach efforts to help communicate the scope and potential of this far-reaching initiative, as well as engage a broad range of industry and government stakeholders
  • W2 Communications was brought in by ZIN Technologies to support strategic communications that help NASA engage industry in commercial SATCOM capability development and demonstrations to prove their viability for NASA’s requirements
  • Because this effort is unprecedented in NASA’s history, targeted communications are critical to informing industry, policy-makers, and NASA’s own leadership and workforce. Fostering transparency and trust are essential


  • After careful research, W2 Communications worked with CSP leaders and the Glenn Research Center Office of Communications to craft thoughtful, detailed marketing and communication plans. The plans outline comprehensive activities to align with project objectives and intended milestones
  • The work included developing a comprehensive messaging architecture that encompasses generalized messages for all audiences as well as messages tailored to unique interests of key stakeholder groups


  • W2 Communications collaborates closely with CSP leadership to execute against the marketing and communication plans. Deliverables include strategic counsel, thought leadership content, events, web content, video, strategic engagement with industry associations, press relations and social media (supporting the Glenn Research Center Office of Communications). Our work is helping to significantly increase the CSP’s visibility within and external to NASA, including coverage on the Constellations podcast and on Government Matters TV
  • As a result of our successful engagement, W2 Communications interfaces on CSP’s behalf with the six commercial companies that were awarded Funded Space Act Agreements to demonstrate their SATCOM capabilities for NASA mission needs. We collaborate with these partners on CSP-related communication opportunities

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