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The local and national cybersecurity and broader IT communities, including executives from vendors, end-users, analysts, media, integrators/contractors, associations and more.


W2 Communications noticed a gap in the availability of casual cybersecurity networking opportunities. Most events were formal and sales-focused, stifling a sense of community connection. We wanted to overcome these unexciting, cookie-cutter events by offering a unique and casual atmosphere, so we created CYBERTACOS.

CYBERTACOS gives a broad range of individuals in the cyber community the chance to casually come together to discuss what’s top of mind, compare notes and keep a pulse on what’s current in the industry.

And who doesn’t love tacos? Each event offers not only a casual networking atmosphere, but a unique and fun theme. We pursued this opportunity by offering a chance to come together over the shared love of Mexican fare – lots of tacos, chips and guac, queso, margaritas, and more!

Cybertacos event


Based on conversations out of the RSA 2016 Cybersecurity Conference, CYBERTACOS was born. Starting as a small 20-person gathering, CYBERTACOS caught on and expanded across the country, promoting its purpose, unique atmosphere, and all things cybersecurity and tacos. It became a brand of its own.


Since 2016, CYBERTACOS events have taken place across the country: in Austin, TX, Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and San Francisco, CA.

Events attract several hundred cyber professionals – from reporters, to engineers, to top executives.

We have hosted events in coordination with RSA Conference, resulting in over 1,000 registrants for a single event.

Each year, during US CyberWeek, we host a local event in Washington D.C., attracting hundreds of attendees

Averaging 2-3 events per year, CYBERTACOS has become a staple to many top names in the cybersecurity industry


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