Brief Overview

Since January 2022, W2 Communications has served as the public relations, media relations and content development agency for Censys.


  • Censys has emerged as the industry leader for Attack Surface Management (ASM), providing an “attacker’s perspective” in discovering and defending customers’ entire internet exposure.
  • Censys ASM continuously monitors assets to “see the unseen” so security teams can solve issues before they can do any damage.
  • Because mismanaged cloud services often lead to massive and costly data breaches, Censys ASM identifies incorrectly configured cloud assets, projects and accounts.


  • Like many cybersecurity companies, Censys sought to distinguish its proven products, services and expertise from its competitors in a very crowded industry.
  • The company had experienced major news developments in recent times, including the hiring of a new CEO and the launch of its Series B (second round) funding.
  • In addition, Censys was about to publish its first-ever State of the Internet Report, which revealed a variety of risks and vulnerabilities in random samples of 2.2 million hosts in the Universal Internet Dataset (UIDS).


  • The W2 Communications team developed a strategy to elevate the presence of Censys as the top ASM cybersecurity company through expanded media coverage, taking advantage of team members’ long-time, close relationships with reporters and editors at tier-1 cybersecurity, regional business publications and major national news organizations.
  • The team leveraged the hiring of the CEO and funding announcement to offer an exclusive interview opportunity.
  • The team worked with the State of the Internet Report researchers at Censys to position them for top-tier media opportunities.


  • Based on our recommendation to the client, W2 Communications pitched and secured an exclusive Censys CEO interview with TechCrunch for a feature that focused on the CEO’s vision as well as the Series B funding.
  • In addition to setting up media interviews with the report researchers, the team placed a Censys executive-bylined article in SC Media about the report.
  • Overall in 2022, the W2 Communications team helped Censys amplify its media presence with nearly 90 articles in top publications
  • The W2 Communications team now consistently receives inbound media requests from publications such as Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, CSO and CyberScoop.

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