What’s the Impact of AI in Public Relations?

Almost every industry is trying to discern the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on their market and how their individual businesses operate. And that is very much the case with PR and marketing.

As communications professionals, we’re trying to wrap our arms around the potential impact of AI on our industry – Is it helpful? Harmful? How will it impact our jobs? While the answer isn’t immediately evident, W2 Communications is convinced that:

AI will elevate good PR and expose the bad

Here, we’ve gathered our concerns with and insights into the effect of AI on public relations and marketing communications. We are also sharing real world experiences and tips for companies looking to break in the AI conversation. Check back often for updates and new content!

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Blog 1: Artificial Intelligence in Public Relations — Opportunities and Obstacles

The first in our three-part series, this blog outlines the areas where we see AI adding immediate value to PR programs and places where communication professionals should proceed with caution.

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Blog 2: AI Will Expose Bad Public Relations

This second blog cuts straight to the chase: If you’re turning your media relations efforts over to AI, you’re doing it wrong (and you should reevaluate the value your partners are delivering).

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Blog 3: Adding Your Voice to the AI Conversation

Want to insert yourself or your company into AI-related stories? Before jumping in, we share advice for companies to ensure they’re strategically joining these discussions versus being a “me too” in an already noisy and crowded market.