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Inside the Media Mind of Mike Vizard: 30 Year Technology Journalism Veteran

On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, we sat down with Mike Vizard, a freelance contributor to numerous IT publications. A Civil War history buff by choice and a technology journalist by trade, Mike loves to be in the know on the “bleeding edge” of technology.

Over the course of his 30 years in the journalism business he has worked with various publications from CRN to eWeek and has been enjoying freelancing for the last 11 years of his career. Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about:

  • Mike’s journey into the world of IT journalism
  • His view on emerging technologies and the value they bring to the industry
  • The stylistic approach he takes when writing for his various freelance publications
  • What stands out to Mike in a good PR pitch and how many pitches he gets in a day
  • Mike’s view on the best way for companies to differentiate themselves in a media perspective
  • The effect of COVID-19 on Mike’s coverage area and the IT industry as a whole 

For more of Mike’s inside scoop, listen below and tweet us @MediaMindsShow to share your thoughts on the episode.


1:23- Mike’s start in journalism

2:26 – Mike’s primary coverage focus and his thoughts on emerging technologies

4:16-  His stylistic approach and how he decides on article topics 

5:44- How to stand out to Mike with a PR pitch and the number of pitches he receives 

7:54 – Ways companies can stand apart from competitors from a media perspective

9:38 – The effect of Covid on Mike’s coverage areas

11:02 – Mike’s favorite story of the last 25 years

12:26 – Lessons learned from 2020

13:42 – Hot Topics that Mike is following 

14:44 – Mike’s take on virtual events

16:30 – 2021 Predictions 

18:50 – Fun facts about Mike

19:50 – Mike’s PR pet peeves