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Inside the Media Mind of James Coker: The Cybersecurity “Run” Down

This week on Inside the Media Minds we sat down with James Coker, tech reporter at Infosecurity Magazine. Following an ‘unusual’ path to journalism, he began his career in finance, but quickly realized his passions were elsewhere. While maintaining his position, he earned his Master’s degree in journalism before diving into his new career. 

While initially reporting on healthcare, James became interested in the intersection of healthcare, technology and cybersecurity. James mentioned it’s the exciting, fast moving, transformation of the technology and cybersecurity landscape around him that keeps him engaged.

James joined the Infosecurity Magazine team in March 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and has had to quickly learn how to adapt to rapidly changing news cycles. Today, he covers the top stories in cybersecurity (i.e. the recent SolarWinds attack) and aims to provide information and lessons learned.

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out more about James, including:

  • The types of stories James is covering for Infosecurity Magazine
  • Key components of a stand out pitch 
  • The top ways cybersecurity companies can differentiate themselves from competitors
  • James’ 2021 predictions for work for home, cybersecurity and the new political landscape 
  • Advice to PR Professionals on developing media relationships
  • James’ love of Rock and Blues, sports and all things running!


1:03- James start in journalism

2:41 – How James became interested in technology

4:14 – What type of stories Jame’s covers

5:34 – Pitches that resonate with James

8:08 – How companies should differentiate themselves

10:31 – What James thinks is to come for 2021

14:22 – James’ most memorable story

16:32 – What Infosecurity Magazine is doing in terms of virtual events

19:48 – James’ top qualities in a resource

21:38 – Advice to public relations professionals

23:19 – What James is interested in outside of work