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Inside the Media Mind of Hugh Taylor: RSA 2020 Edition

Throughout RSA Conference 2020 we had the pleasure of interviewing several reporters to get their perspectives on one of cybersecurity’s biggest events! First we met with Hugh Taylor to capture his thoughts on the week. 

Hugh’s fascinating background, which includes television production, public relations and information technology provides him with a unique perspective on all aspects of RSA and his position as an Executive Editor at the Journal of Cyber Policy.

On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, Hugh discusses his background, key topics and the industry trends he explored during RSA. 

Listen to this episode to hear about:

  • The new research component of The Journal of Cyber Policy, which acts as a “one stop shop” for cybersecurity research 
  • What the self-proclaimed “renaissance paranoiac” in him worries will make headlines this year 
  • One of his most memorable stories at the Journal of Cyber Policy

For more of Hugh Taylor’s inside scoop of RSA 2020, listen below and tweet us @MediaMindsShow to share your thoughts on the episode.

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