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RSA Conference – Don’t Get Buried Under The Noise

W2 Communications has been embedded in the cybersecurity world since our inception — launching, branding and elevating clients since 2003.

To quote an insurance company ad: “We’ve seen a thing or two.” And, this time of year, when most industries are focused on the holiday season, end of year sales and planning for next year, many of our clients are already focused on the last week of February – the RSA Conference, the largest cybersecurity industry gathering of the year.

We’ve been planning for RSA 2020 since the last day of this year’s conference – looking at what worked; what’s becoming outdated; how reporters, analysts and vendors are changing their approach to the show; and where we can roll out new ideas. We’ve been working with clients to refine their strategies, focusing in on the audiences that matter most and building out activities that will help set them apart. The bottom line is RSA is increasingly whatever you make it – so have a plan.

The era of tidy announcements and alternating news cycles each day is ancient history. The show is now a 24×7 churn of expo hall traffic, inundating announcements and concurrent sessions conflicting everyone’s schedules. But beneath this noisy overcast are opportunities to network, build relationships with key influencers, and use RSA’s backdrop as the setting for publishing compelling content and observations differentiating a vendor’s approach to challenges that are the talk of the event.

Preparing for RSA infographic
Download the Infographic

This year, we’ve created this handy infographic that hits on some of the top line areas you should consider. Obviously there’s much more to RSA than we can fit into an infographic, but if this helps spark ideas or informs your planning, then it’s done its job.

If you have any questions, drop us a line and let’s talk about your goals for RSA and setting the stage for success.


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