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Inside the Media Mind of Shaun Nichols: Senior News Writer at TechTarget

In the latest episode of Inside the Media Minds, we sat down with Shaun Nichols senior news writer at TechTarget’s SearchSecurity. 

Shaun began his technology journalism career in the San Francisco Bay Area over 15 years ago as the U.S. correspondent at VNUnet. Now he has written for V3, The Register and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, covering everything from embedded controllers to supercomputers.  

In May 2021, Shaun joined  TechTarget where he covers security news – everything from ransomware to how the government will impact the security space going forward.

Shaun also shares what he looks for in a resource and how technology companies can differentiate themselves in such a saturated space. 

Tune into the full podcast to hear Shaun discuss all this and more, including: 

  • His background working with UK publications
  • What he covers for TechTarget
  • His love for research 
  • Most memorable stories 
  • The journalistic shift of 2020
  • What is news to him
  • His love for spicy chilies 


0:44 – Shaun’s background and role at TechTarget

4:28 – Approaching Security Stories

6:17 – Perspective on Zero-Trust 

7:10 – How Companies can Stand Out in a Saturated Market

9:00 – Covering Research 

10:07 – Most Memorable Stories 

14:30 – The Pandemic’s Impact on Journalism

15:42 – Resources and Communication 

18:00 – What is News?

19:52 –  Shaun’s Love for Spicy Food