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Inside the Media Mind of Jamey Tucker: What the Tech?

This week on Inside the Media Minds we sat down with Jamey Tucker, tech reporter and founder of What the Tech, a TV segment breaking down consumer technology for the everyday person.

Ever since middle school, Jamey knew he wanted to work in TV and radio. That drive certainly served him well as his long career in broadcast journalism began early on in college, covering sports at Carson Newman University. For the next 25 years, he would work as an anchor and reporter for local TV stations in Alabama and Tennessee covering a multitude of topics, but that changed in 2011.

During our chat with Jamey, he reflects on what may have been “just another day in the life of a reporter,” but really launched the next phase of his career. 

His producer told him to “just go find a story” after his previous contacts and stories mapped out for the day fell through. Jamey ended up doing a piece on iPhones that received a lot of attention and response from the public. Right there and then was the beginning of “What the Tech,” the TV segment he produces independently and is broadcasted in 14 local stations across the country. The segment runs once a day and covers everything from new apps and gadgets to cybersecurity scams and advice for consumers to stay protected. 

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out more about Jamey’s interesting career and more, including:

  • What “What the Tech” is all about
  • The types of stories Jamey likes to cover
  • The shifts of journalism in the COVID-19 era
  • The most overrated and underrated tech gadgets
  • His opinion on the headlines we’ll see in 2021


0:33 – Jamey’s start in journalism

2:52 – How ‘What the Tech’ was born 

6:49 – What type of stories and topics Jamey covers

11:25 – Journalism in the COVID-19 era

14:31 – Jamey’s most memorable reporting

15:57 – The risks associated with consumer technology

16:56 – Most overrated and underrated tech gadgets 

20:14 – The biggest headlines of 2021

23:37 – Jamey’s hobbies outside of work