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Inside the Media Mind of Bloomberg News’ Jordan Robertson: From Watershed Moments in Cybersecurity to “Movie-Like” Investigative Stories

Now and then Jordan Robertson can get lumped into the “cybersecurity reporter” category, but rather than turning in daily articles or covering breaking news, Jordan takes a very unique approach – deep-dive, investigative stories that have him traveling the globe for answers. Jordan’s passion and excitement for these elaborate, “movie script-like” projects is evident as he talks with the Inside the Media Minds team – with special guest co-host Tony Welz — about some of his most memorable stories including his 2016 piece, “How to Hack an Election” and the 2017 article “The Post-Snowden Cyber Arms Hustle.

In this episode, we hear Jordan’s take on the evolution of cybersecurity journalism over the past decade, learn how he got his start in journalism and his thoughts on what it takes to be a valuable resource.

Some highlights from the episode include:

  • Jordan’s focus on organized crime, nation-states and “old school crime in a new school way;”
  • What he thinks will be the biggest story by the end of 2018; and
  • How he is “only as smart as his valuable resources.”

To hear more of Jordan’s background and perspectives on cybersecurity, listen to the full interview and tweet us @MediaMindsShowto let us know what you think!