Five Minutes With … Shashi Bellamkonda on the Future of Social Media


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Over the next three to five years, what will distinguish the companies that maximize value from blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and those that don’t?

Much of this will boil down to the effectiveness of content curation and company ambassadorship, according to social-media expert Shashi Bellamkonda of Network Solutions in Herndon. Content curation can distinguish the value of your social-media efforts. Company ambassadors are the users out there who will passionately promote a company’s products and/or services — but only if businesses proactively seek and engage them. Within five years, Bellamkonda says, the ability to master these two strategies could deliver more ROI than a high-profile advertising campaign. Listen to our conversation on the future of social media.

About our guest: Shashi Bellamkonda is head of social media/brand evangelism as Director of PR and New Media at Network Solutions. He is a popular speaker in the region, in demand to discuss the implementation and execution of social-media tools for reputation management, brand development and outreach. Shashi is a member of the adjunct faculty at Georgetown University, teaching New Media Platforms and Techniques and has been featured in Washingtonian’s “Top 100 Tech Titans” list for community/thought leadership.

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