Now Live: W2 Communications’ 2023 Social Media Guide

Introducing our Social Media Guide for 2023! Social platforms are powerful tools that help an organization share its message and highlight the brand to external audiences – and this guide can help you ensure your company is headed in the right direction! 

When planning your social media strategy, it’s important to acknowledge your audience, your brand identity and your goals. Any content online has potential to create meaningful impressions on your audience. In the guide, we outline best practices for building both a personal and professional brand, as well as emerging platforms to keep an eye on for your organization. The guide also includes:

  • General guidance applicable to all platforms
  • Personal and company branding for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Instagram, TikTok and YouTube best practices
  • Insights into emerging platforms for businesses

We also highlight some of the most recent concerns and guidelines associated with social media platforms, but given the ever-changing nature of social media, we encourage you to track local and federal updates so you can effectively make social media work for your organization. 

Feel free to read “front to back” or utilize our “choose your own journey” format, allowing you to jump to the most applicable platforms for your organization. 

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