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Inside the Media Mind of Paul Wagenseil: Senior Editor, Security at Tom’s Guide

On this episode of Inside The Media Minds, our host Christine Blake was live at Black Hat 2021 in Las Vegas with Paul Wagenseil, Senior Editor, Security, at Tom’s Guide.

Paul’s interest in security was sparked by reading Brian Krebs and Rob Pegoraro’s work in The Washington Post on his PalmPilot. Now as Senior Editor, Paul tells information security and privacy stories that directly affect the end-user/consumer. He approaches his articles with the goal of helping the general public better understand and utilize technology.

Paul loves attending conferences like Black Hat and DEF CON because as he says, “in the security space you can never know enough” and working in the industry is always a “continuing path of education.”

Listen to the full conversation to hear from Paul on all things Black Hat and beyond, including: 

  • What Paul covers at Tom’s Guide & his conference goals 
  • Paul’s take on this year’s Black Hat atmosphere
  • Paul’s most memorable story
  • The biggest story of 2021 in Paul’s eyes
  • What Paul looks for in resources



0:45 – What Paul Covers at Tom’s Guide 

1:10 – His Conference Goals

2:09 – Paul’s Take on This Year’s Black Hat Atmosphere

3:58 – How Paul Began Covering Security 

5:53 – Paul’s Most Memorable Story

7:38 – The Biggest Story of 2021 in Paul’s Eyes

9:18 – What Paul Looks for in Resources

11:56 – How Companies Should Differentiate

14:20 – Covid’s Impact on the Industry

15:07 – Interesting Facts About Paul

15:46 – How Many Stories From The Conference