Mike Atkinson

Mike Atkinson is an Account Manager, Social Media Strategist at W2 Communications. Mike is an accomplished communications professional who shows an innate ability to take a strategic approach to form relationships with members of the media and earn national media coverage for his clients. He has a unique talent and ability to identify relevant reporters, establish meaningful connections and influence media coverage. In fact, several of his recent media placements were recognized with 2017 MARCOM awards for magazine and online media placements. Mike’s relationships with the media combined with proactive concepts and news angleshave directly led to placements in hundreds of outlets, from Marketwatch to The Washington Post, and generated client conversations with reporters from The Wall Street Journal, Ars Technica and more. Prior to his time at W2 Communications, Mike won two WVPRSA awards, “Best External Communications” and honorable mention for “Research,” on a campaign for a local non-profit organization in 2014.