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Brief Overview

Vista Analytics co-founders Craig Freeman and Michael Faraci approached the design team at W2 to help them launch their new business. From the company name to logo design to collateral development through website design and launch, our team delivered a brand identity that sets Vista apart from their competitors.

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  • Startup litigation technology firm focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence and custom counsel solutions
  • Focused on academic research and technology innovation to provide their clientele deeper insights into discovery with measurable time and cost savings while delivering more robust and defensible data sets


  • Given the co-founders experience and industry reputations, our team was challenged to design a brand presence that not only conveyed professionalism and expertise, but also the company’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to research
  • The co-founders were passionate about building their brand upon the premise of “we see things differently than our competitors” due to their vast experience and “one size does not fit all” approach to software bundling
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  • Our team and the company principals conducted semi-structured research across a representative sample of colleagues and past clients to gauge reaction to the many options
  • While several very distinct original wordmarks were fielded and considered, the majority of respondents felt that a highly complex brand identity might alienate some prospective clients, and the decision was made to focus the brand identity on the significant insight the Vista value proposition rather than technical jargon


  • Upon launch, Vista enjoyed a very positive reception from industry peers, as well as prospects who commented, “If your services are half as good as your branding this is going to be great.”
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