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Data center provider Latisys engaged our team to produce its corporate overview video as well as a series of HR vignettes. The corporate overview piece was resourced to create a commercial that played on the scoreboard in the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. during professional sporting events.

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  • Leading hybrid cloud hosting and data center provider
  • Data centers in Ashburn, Virginia / Chicago, Illinois / Denver, Colorado / Irvine, California
  • Nearly 400,000 square feet of raised floor


  • CEO & CMO engaged our team to create a corporate overview video illustrating Latisys’ capabilities, infrastructure and scalability
  • Human Resources SVP engaged our team to deliver a morale-building “Get To Know Your Team” initiative, leveraging video of employees across four time zones
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  • By carefully coordinating location filming schedules with the Latisys team (both HR and Corp Comm) we were able to create an efficient production schedule, which allowed the inclusion of key client to participate in the corporate overview video.
  • By leveraging green screen backgrounds, we were able to film onsite within each data center, alleviating the need to schedule local production studios thereby needlessly complicating executive schedules


  • The corporate overview video was able to be re-edited and re-purposed across a wide-variety of channels, including center-floor at the Verizon center in Washington, DC during professional sports games
  • Latisys was acquired by Zayo for $675 million
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