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enSilo engaged our PR team at W2 Communications to get its name at the forefront of a crowded market and offer a unique voice of reason. Our team implemented a thought leadership campaign with an authentic message strategically aimed towards a target audience, designing a sequence of media relations initiatives and successfully launching a full PR campaign.

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  • Real-Time Automated Endpoint security company
  • Engaged with W2 Communications in May of 2017
  • Highly customizable three part approach: Built in next-generation anti-virus prevention capability, plus deep detection and process isolation capability to arrest and contain malicious code and automated/fine tuned remediation features restoring targeted systems
  • Major focus on the study and research of the processes of the OS


  • Sought  PR experience and expertise to get company’s name out
  • Entering a crowded market where their competition claims to fix ALL problems relating to endpoint security
  • Stand out with a more authentic message
  • Multitude of variables surrounding endpoint security: the users browser, different apps, the many OSs, productivity of the user  – very difficult space to perform security accurately and consistently
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  • Our team targeted InfoSecurity, Dark Reading, SC, CSO and other publications whose very seasoned and savvy veteran reporters who would be keen to hear about a company admit to the challenges of endpoint security.
  • We assured this select group of media professionals that the word “prevention” would not come up during our conversations, enticing them with a fresh perspective to present their readers.  In other words, we advised enSilo to go forward with the message, “we’re going to talk openly about this, without promising that we can stop everything under the sun.”


  • Our new message resonated with severely resource-constrained CISOs weary of being sold “solutions” who were then better able to understand the true value proposition of enSilo.
  • The success of the WannaCry PR campaign elevated enSilo into the media spotlight at the CISO level, and furthered enSilo’s message of authenticity.
  • This momentum continued right up until the 2017 Black Hat Conference and resulted in several successful meet and greets, which resulted in several interview opportunities via relationship-building with journalists and enSilo’s CEO & CTO who we urged to travel from Israel just for these meetings.
  • Post-Black Hat our team was able to continue driving the enSilo brand awareness initiative through numerous new media pitches on real-world endpoint security challenges, through the new lens of credibility built over the previous few months.
  • We were able to land positive product reviews in major publications, including SC Media and CSO Magazine, making a tremendous impact on the sales team as the enSilo products were in Best Buy’s recommended product category.
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