A New Era for W2 Communications, Infusing Creativity into Everything We Do

W2 Communications Expands Brand Building – Acquires Nationally Recognized Creative Firm This year, W2 Communications is 15 years old – and a lot has changed in those 15 years. Not in the least is the recent addition of W2 Communications’ digital and creative team and services. I’ll get to that in a little more detail farther down in […]

W2 Communications Acquires Mesh Omnimedia, Expanding Creative and Digital Services

New Chief Creative Officer to Oversee Digital Team and Offerings including Video Production, Visual Design and Website Design and Development MCLEAN, Va. and SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. – October 9, 2018–  W2 Communications, an integrated communications firm, announced today the acquisition of Mesh Omnimedia, a nationally recognized,  leading creative agency based in Northern Virginia. This acquisition transforms […]

Inside the Media Mind of Sara Fischer: Keeping up with Media Trends

Sara Fischer, media reporter for Axios, covers a very unique beat and something we haven’t covered on the podcast before. That is the media itself. On this week’s episode of Inside the Media Minds, we discuss some of the challenges Sara faces as a journalist covering media, how technology has evolved and has shaped the […]

Inside the Media Mind of Bloomberg News’ Jordan Robertson: From Watershed Moments in Cybersecurity to “Movie-Like” Investigative Stories

Now and then Jordan Robertson can get lumped into the “cybersecurity reporter” category, but rather than turning in daily articles or covering breaking news, Jordan takes a very unique approach – deep-dive, investigative stories that have him traveling the globe for answers. Jordan’s passion and excitement for these elaborate, “movie script-like” projects is evident as […]

Employee Feature Friday: Luke Ivers

Evolving from an intern to full-time employee, Luke Ivers has a keen understanding of the strategy and tactics necessary for client success at W2 Communications. Luke is a graduate of James Madison University, where he worked in the Office of General Education as a graphic design team member. Today, as a media associate, Luke conducts […]

Change is Constant: Black Hat, BSides LV and DEF CON are Evolving – but Still Hold Invaluable Opportunities for Communicators

As soon as your heel clicks on the floor of Mandalay Bay the week of Black Hat USA, you realize you’re not in Kansas (or Silicon Valley or Northern Virginia) anymore. Instead, you’ve reached the biggest, annual work/play week for hackers in the world: Amid Las Vegas’ flashing lights and whirling slot machines, you’re attending […]

A Letter from Hacker Summer Camp (#BHUSA2018)

Dear Cyber Enthusiast, Greetings from Black Hat 2018! The crowd that’s descended on this year’s conference seems bigger than ever – and more diverse than the highly technical, research-oriented attendees that have come to this event for the past twenty years.  Since Monday, aside from seeing thousands of technical pros and vendors of infosec products […]

Inside the Media Mind of Kelly Jackson Higgins: A Black Hat Deep Dive

If you’re in the cybersecurity industry, odds are you’ve spent some time looking into next week’s Black Hat conference. What are the must-see talks? What topics will be most prevalent throughout the week of the show? Look no further, Inside the Media Minds has you covered. In this very special episode of the podcast, our […]

How to Maintain a Professional Twitter Account – and Avoid the Dreaded “Resurfaced Tweet”

Stop me if you’ve heard this before – a public figure, brand executive or celebrity did something on social media that caused more harm than good. We’ve seen careers ruined and storms of negative PR resulting from “dead” posts that resurface like zombies from a figurative social media graveyard, feeding on the reputations of otherwise […]

Debating the Government’s Role in Artificial Intelligence Innovation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to transform life as we know it. From healthcare delivery and transportation to marketing, customer service, and a plethora of other applications, AI will have a profound impact on society, particularly on the workforce. Today’s AI capabilities are at the level of codifying common skills, but eventually what’s being called […]